This page serves as both technical support and customer support. Below you will find the resources to solve any problem you have on the site. Try the frst step, where you can solve most of your problems. If that doesn't work then move down to the next.

1: Projectories Wiki

On the Projectories Wiki, we have a wide range of information about projectories which we put in, and which has been expanded upon by other Projectories users.

2: Member Forum

If you can't find what you're looking for in the wiki, it is possible that someone else has already asked the same question in the Member Forum. Both Projectories users and staff members frequent the forums to answer any questions you may have.

3: Contact Technical/Customer Support

When all else fails, you can contact us directly. We try to answer all requests in 24 hours or less, but most are fielded in substantially less time. You can use the form below or email us at


*You are not logged in. Please include your email address in the message if you would like a response from us.